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"You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts is restless until it rests in you." – St. Augustine

21 Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know About Pope John Paul II

God’s Voice – the conscience of the soul

Conscience is the voice of God in the soul

The simple, intuitive point of the argument from conscience is that everyone in the world knows, deep down, that he is absolutely obligated to be and do good, and this absolute obligation could come only from God. Thus everyone knows God, however obscurely, by this moral intuition, which we usually call conscience. Conscience is the voice of God in the soul.

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How can we know Jesus is really present in the Eucharist?

Father Barron on Bill Maher’s Religulous

Coming to Our Senses: The Moral Sense of Scripture

Coming to Our Senses: The Moral Sense of Scripture

I don’t think we can embrace any of three simple solutions to the moral complexity of Scripture. That is, we cannot simply: 1) deny the inspired character of those texts of Scripture we happen to find distasteful or troubling; 2) explain away the literal sense of Scripture by allowing some symbolic reading of it to predominate; or 3) simply affirm wholesale all Old Testament morality from hamstringing horses to stoning rebellious adolescents to butchering Canaanite babies as “the will of God.” Rather, we must be very cautious in searching through Scripture for its moral sense because the morality taught by Scripture is not a static thing.

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The First Uncaused Cause – God

The First Uncaused Cause – God

there is an eternal, necessary, independent, self-explanatory being with nothing above it, before it, or supporting it. It would have to explain itself as well as everything else, for if it needed something else as its explanation, its reason, its cause, then it would not be the first and uncaused cause. Such a being would have to be God, of course. If we can prove there is such a first cause, we will have proved there is a God.

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